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Adding Windows to my Garage Door

Adding Windows to my Garage Door Californiagarage-door-repair.jpg

        1 Get the correct size windows for your garage door. Garage windows must fit inside one panel of your garage. It can be the exact same size as the garage panel, but no larger. Get the measurements of the garage panels where you will be placing your windows and buy a window that fits inside.

2 Mark the opening of the window on the panel. Prefabricated garage door windows are made so that the back goes through the door while the front of the window attaches to the front of the garage door. You will need to make an opening in the garage door panel large enough to accommodate the back of the window. Measure the back of the window, then mark the same measurements on the panel where the window will be installed. Use masking tape to mark a rectangle around the perimeter of the hole you need to cut, and the tape will serve as a guide while you are cutting.

3 Cut an opening for each window with a jigsaw. Follow around the inside of the tape with the jigsaw to cut out a hole the same size as the window.

4 Caulk around the window. Since your window will be outside in the elements, you will need a layer of protection. Use a waterproof caulk around the edges of the window. Just line each side of the window with a bead of caulk and push the window into place. Immediately wipe away any caulk that squeezes out with a rag.

5 Attach the back side of the window. The way that the front and back of your windows attach to each other will vary slightly by the type of window and by manufacturer. Most of the time the front and back of the window will simply screw together using the screws provided with the window. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for attaching the front and back of the window to each other, and you should have windows that stay in place for years.

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