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Measuring Your Broken Torsion Spring

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Measuring correctly is crucial for your garage door to balance without fail.  Typically most garage doors are 25ga, non-Insulated, basic two car garages, around 16' wide by 7' tall.  These doors weigh roughly 170lbs.  1 pair of .207 x 2 x 21.5" torsion springs do the trick every time.  But, adding some vinyl back Insulation or Steel (triple ply garage door) you quickly jump in to another torsion spring class.  Taller garage doors require longer torsion springs in order to balance the added height.  

We can do a few things to make sure we have the correct replacement torsion springs on our garage door.  How long has the existing set been in service?  Torsion Springs last 7-10 years depending on how you use your garage door.  Did you get 3 years of service? or 15 years?  Do you open your garage door twice a day or ten times that??

If you got 7 years from your set and open your door 5 times a day, that equates to roughly 13,000 cycles which is above average.  I would recommend measuring that set for an exact replacement. 

If you got 4 years and open your door 20 times a day, that equates to 30,000 cycles, which means you probably have an upgraded high-cycle torsion spring set calculated to withstand heavy use.

But, if you only got a 4 years with average daily use 3-5 uses, then we recommend that you weigh your garage door with a typical bathroom scale.  Make sure all tension is safely released from spring(s) and place scale under bottom section.  Call us with your door weight and we can help you determine your proper torsion spring set.