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Buy Garage Door Springs Redlands

Garage Door Springs are the most undesirable product to search for but at least you can Buy Garage Door Springs in Redlands,  and now you can continue on with your normal life.

We carry all types and sizes of garage door springs to solve every possible garage door scenario, size and weight.  We only carry American made garage door torsion springs with top quality steel, fittings and cones straight from Canada.  No junk here folks.  

Yes we realize the junk imported springs are cheaper kind of like comparing that Kia to a Honda, well yes your Honda was made here in the USA.  Or even better lets compare the Chevrolet or Dodge to Daihatsu?  We can only expect the Daihatsu to last half the life of a Chevrolet, Right?


Well maybe a car example is not clear or accurate, but believe us when we say our American made Torsion Springs are going to last twice as long at least.  We bought imported springs 20 years ago and will never do that again.  They are like holding a limp noodle in your hands compared to something more erect and solid.  Which goes for all or our products, USA made except for the Rollers.. (Taiwan)  They are the best rollers in the industry.  USA quit making garage door rollers 10 years ago. 

Buy Garage Door Springs in Redlands Today! Call us today for replacement garage door springs or if you're not the DIY type, then we can Install the Garage Door Springs for you.  

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