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DIY Garage Door Springs Riverside

DIY Garage Door Springs Riverside

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We carry every type of garage door spring so you can save money and repair your own garage door.  We offer Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.  Most sectional garage doors require replacement torsion springs which are mounted on a torsion tube shaft just above the garage door opening.  1 Torsion Spring for one car garages and lightweight 2 car garage doors.  Most two car garage doors require 2 Torison Springs.  Garage Door Springs are measured by Length of springs, Inside Diameter of springs, and Spring Coil Thickness or Guage fo Wire. 

Most 16'x7' garage doors are Non-Insulated 25ga steel weighing around 175lbs.  These doors requre a pair of .207x2x21.5 or .207x1.75x24.5 Torsion Springs

16x7 Partial Insulated Garage Doors add around 25lbs of weight or 200lbs and require a pair of .218 x 2 x 23.5 Torsion Springs

16x7 Steel Back Garage Doors add another 40lbs of weight or 240lbs and require a pair of .225 x 2 x 24.5 Torsion Springs

Wooden Garage Doors vary depending on type of wood and thickness ranging from 8x7 at 140lbs and 16x7 at 280lbs up to 600 lbs or more.

Wooden 1-piece garage doors require Holmes Wound Tight Extension Springs and vary from p-728 to p-328 or larger 

Call us to order or for sizing help.  800-973-1439