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Fix it Garage

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We are sometimes referred to as Fix it Garage Guy or Mr Fix it Garage?  We do Fix it! Garage Doors that is, and in most areas of the Inland Empire Monday thru Friday with Emergency Services after hours and during the weekends.  Make an appointment today for a FREE ESTIMATE

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Fix Garage Door

Have you ever had to Fix Garage Door at the worst time?  It never seems to fail until mid morning when you need to get your car out of the garage.  Fix Garage Door at 3am? Oh what a headache and now we need to miss a morning at the office until you can get [...]

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Measuring Your Broken Torsion Spring

Measuring correctly is crucial for your garage door to balance without fail.  Typically most garage doors are 25ga, non-Insulated, basic two car garages, around 16' wide by 7' tall.  These doors weigh roughly 170lbs.  1 pair of .207 x 2 x 21.5" torsion springs do the trick every time.  But, adding some vinyl back Insulation [...]

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Garage Door Window Inserts

Garage Door Inserts come in a variety of sizes which can be 1/4" off width and height.  So measuring your existing Insert correctly in order to receive the proper fit.  We suggest placing garage door Insert face down and measuring edge to edge.  Under our garage door window categories, you'll find the exact measurements under [...]

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