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How To Open a Garage Door

Sometimes we forget that a broom stick is your garage doors worst enemy.  The skinny little broom stick can take your garage door down quick and easy.  The below photo is an example of a garage door that may have closed on a small item left in the doors path.  We will show you How To Open a Garage Door that is jammed in the opening. 


 My Garage Door Is Jammed - How To Open a Garage Door

Forgot to Unlock my Garage Door?

We never recommend using an Inside Lock with your garage door opener.  Its nice to have added security but too many times we have seen this damage occur. If you use an Inside Lock you must unplug your garage door opener so you don't hit the button on your return.  You can reinforce your garage door with a new ORB or Opener Reinforcement Bracket.

Broken Garage Door Springs   how-to-open-a-garage-doors.jpg

Your springs may be broken. There are two different types of springs. If your garage door springs are located horizontally at the top of your garage door, you have Torsion Springs. You should check for a gap in between the springs to indicate if they are broken. If your springs are located at either side of your garage door, they are called extension springs. Look to see if a piece of them is hanging on the side of your garage door to indicate if those are broken. If your garage door springs are broken then replacing them can be dangerous.  We sell Garage Door Springs to the public and also have video and step by step Instructions on our website.  If you need further help just call one of our techs.

Garage Door is Off Track

If this is the problem then you will be able to tell by seeing if your garage door rollers are literally off track or falling out. If your garage door panels are not damaged, then you do not need to replace your door. However, the rollers do need to be put back on the track which should be done by a professional. If you are looking for a garage door company that specializes in Garage Doors, Garage Door Repair, or Garage Door Openers, or are just looking for more information. Call Us Today!  We will get your garage door back on track.