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How To Replace Garage Door Springs UPDATED

Replacing Garage Door Springs can be a challenging task without the proper tools, knowledge or correct size Torsion Spring Replacement. Measuring the broken torsion springs is a bit of a pain due to the wires being so small and everything so technical and precise?  Well, maybe we can ease the frustration and put some helping tips in the article to make life easier.

First of all most Garage Doors today are 16x7 in size and Non Inuslated 1 ply steel construction.  Which is similar to the garage door in picture here.

When deciding which Replacement Garage Door Springs to use on your garage door it can be quite a bit easier if you know which type of garage door you have?

1 Layer Garage Doors are Non Insulated

2 Layer Garage Doors apply 1-2" of Foam Insulation

3 Layer Garage Doors add Steel Back Layer for interior protection.

 We carry many different sizes of Replacement Garage Door Springs but 90% of the time it comes down to just a few sizes overall.  

Now in order to calculated your set of Torsion Springs based on Illustration to the right, we will need to add extra horizontal bracing like the picture below.

So typical 1 Layer Garage Doors weigh 170-180 lbs and utilize a couple standard sized garage door springs.  

.207x2x21.5 pr Torsion Springs

Typical 2 Layer Garage Doors can weigh between 190-220

.225x2x29 pr Torsion Springs

Typical 3 Layer Garage Doors can weigh between 230-260

.243x2x31.5 pr Torsion Springs


Garage Door Struts add weight to your garage door.  If you have a Wind Rated Garage Door you will need to select stronger torsion springs or just call us?  We can help you select the correct REPLACEMENT GARAGE DOOR SPRNGS